Addmoretraffic Review | Bad Experiences with

Addmoretraffic Review | Bad Experiences with Addmoretraffic - DailyBlink
Addmoretraffic Review | Bad Experiences with Addmoretraffic - DailyBlink

Addmoretraffic Review & Experience

Are you looking for a good place to buy and send cheap traffic to your website and suddenly you stumbled on Addmoretraffic.Com? before you go ahead to use their services let’s see Add more traffic review (owned by Entireweb Sweden AB) is a Scam, judging from my recent experiences with their services.

Add more traffic or addmoretraffic claims to be able to increase your website traffic. The website boldly wrote: “Get the website traffic you need today quickly and affordably. Our traffic network generates over 15 million unique visitors and over 50 million page impressions daily!”

Bad Experiences with | Addmoretraffic Review

  • According to Touti, in 2018 he bought traffic of about 20000 visitors for 50$ on addmore traffic, but at the end of the deal they ended up delivering only 9000+ visitors and they didn’t agree to refund him, they kept claiming they delivered 20000 visitors.
  • According to Ron V, Add More Traffic started out with a bang and has ended by not delivering the goods. He purchased  for 8000+ visitors and for a week the visitors came to our site but after around 2000 they stopped coming. After sending two requests to the support for this site with no response, I have escalated my action to PayPal to intervene.

This are people experiences with, they are the wrong option to take when looking for websites to buy traffic at a flat rate.

They will only end up wasting your time and money on a traffic package you are never going to get.  I’ll instead, advice that you go with trusted sources when looking for a reliable USA traffic at an affordable rate.

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