How you can Download Episode Apk latest Version

Download Episode Apk
Download Episode Apk

How you can Download Episode Apk latest Version

Download Episode Apk – Have you ever played a game where you had no control on how the story went and just wish you could have done something else instead of what was originally done ? If you have then, you would understand and cherish the Episode game.

Key Facts about Episode Game

In This Episode game, you get to choose your own story as stated in the name – Episode – Choose your story. Each scenario in the game have been set with a different path to take and it is left to you to make a choice on which decisions to make. You should also know that each decision you make in the game will determine the next event which makes the game feel more life like. The game contains love, romance, adventure and drama in which you become a character, make decisions and live the way you want.

Download Episode Apk latest Version

You’ll start off by creating your character – you can make them look exactly like you or anyone you want. Next is to develop relationships with other characters in the game depending on if want them as lovers, friends or foe – it’s all up to you. Everything else in the game including your fate will be determined by the choices you make throughout the game as you play.

Episode Mod Apk also has a huge collection of interactive stories which leads to different endings depending on your choices so you can play the game again from the beginning and experience a totally different ending. You’d definitely need to check out this game.

This can be downloaded directly from the Google Playstore Here. This is the original version and not the modded one. You will have to buy gems and coins to enjoy the game.

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