Flash Share Apk: Download Flash Share on Android Phones

Flash Share Apk: Download Flash Share on Android Phones

Flash Share Apk – Formerly known as Flash Share, Xender is an Android app which helps you carry out file transfers between one device and another one at an incredibly fast rate. The popular software is a robust file-transfer tool with a range of outstanding features, some of which are its user-friendly interface as well as transfer speed. If your smartphone runs Android OS, you can transfer almost any documents, be it files, contacts, music, images, videos, apps (APKs) on your device with the aid of this app. It works in the same manner as Airdrop app on Apple phones and doesn’t require an internet connection or Bluetooth support to work.

Flash Share — unlike WiFi or the Bluetooth — employs the NFC protocol of all mobile phones that are involved in the transfer in a bid to achieve a transfer rate 4 – 40 times faster than that of your normal Bluetooth. While this tool typically comes pre-installed on Infinix and Tecno smartphones as Flash share, it can be downloaded and installed on other phones as Xender from Google Play. In this post, you will learn how to download Flash Share app on your device and how to use it for file transfer.

Why Download Flash Share Apk?

  • Xender app is 100% free
  • File transfers using the program are also free since no internet data charges are incurred
  • It’s fast and helps save your time, particularly when transferring huge files
  • You can transfer multiple apps at the same time on the app
  • Flash Share can connect to iOS devices, especially iPhones
  • It provides your traffic stats and memory usage
  • While Flash Share already offers this as a built-in feature, it lets you share cellular data with your family and friends

How to Download Flash Share Apk on Your Phone

You can install Flash Share on your Android phone using 3 different methods:

Installation of Flash Share through Bluetooth

This could be considered as the conventional method to install the majority of Android apps because it is quite straightforward and it does not involve any technical procedure. To install Flash Share on your device, follow the steps below:

  • Turn your Bluetooth on and ensure that it is visible to nearby mobile phones
  • Go to the phone of the sender and hit Setting->Invite Friend->Select Bluetooth and receive the APK file via Bluetooth
  • Then , install it

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